About Us


About us

Vibrant | High Impact Performances

As Bollywood stands for vibrancy, so do we. Drawing from our Bollywood blood, we believe in bedazzling audiences with our colourful and energetic performances.

An essential in hobart's cultural scene

Founded in 2013, Rhythmz has grown to become an irreplaceble part of Hobart’s cultural scene and community under the artistic direction of Amal Chandran 

Diverse | Inclusive Mutlicultural

Standing by the Australian identity, we aim to have a diverse and inclusive group which strives to educate our audience about the multicultural narrative.

The Tasmanian Spirit

Tasmanians are known for their welcoming and friendly nature and we have tried to imbibe that in our company. As a small business, we have put our faith in people and hope to make it a fun-filled environment where support systems can flourish.

Rhythmz Bollywood is more than a dance crew; It’s a family